The 2021 Virtual Solar Car Expo Logo

Watch recordings of our first ever Solar Car Expo! Held over zoom on the 11th and 12th of November 2021. You can learn from our experienced team in our four technical presentations. Be inspired by our special guest speakers. And gain valuable insights into the engineering industry in our Partners, Industry and Women in STEM sessions. See what we've been up to in our team update and workshop tour. Finally you can learn what being part of a solar team is like in our WSST and Solar Car Community Q&A sessions.

Technical Presentation: Understanding Race Strategy

Learn about race strategy from our Strategy Team Leaders Jonathan Allen and Andrew Smith. Learn why race strategy is so important for a solar car team, how a race strategy can be calculated and how we have had to adapt our strategy model to the upcoming track based Aussie Solar Challenge. The presentation is then followed by audience Q&A.

Technical Presentation: UNLIMITED 3.0 Design Deep-dive

Hear our Systems & Interface Lead, Divyam Shah, and Team Manager, Brad Nadalini, take a deep dive into UNLIMITED 3.0, the car we built for the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, and the engineering management required to complete the car. UNLIMITED 3.0, or 'Ted 3', holds the title of 'World's Lightest Solar Car' weighing in at only 116.8 kg. Learn about the design decisions and techniques used to achieve this record. Then you can see the management technique that we, a fully student led team, employ to completely design and build a solar car every 2 years. This presentation is then followed by audience Q&A.

Technical Presentation: Validation through Computer Simulation

See how we use computer simulation such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to engineer cutting edge vehicles for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge while operating within the budget constraints of a student-led team. Our Systems & Interface Lead, Divyam Shah, explains how these simulations work, why these simulations are important and how they present significant cost savings over destructive testing for any engineering project. This presentation is the followed by audience Q&A.

Technical Presentation: Composites and Manufacturing

Learn the basics of carbon composite manufacturing and how we use it to produce extremely efficient vehicles almost entirely in-house in Western Sydney. Our Team Manager, Brad Nadalini, explains the specific manufacturing process that we use on-campus and the challenges that must be overcome during manufacturing. He then answers questions from the audience.

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