2017 BWSC Mock Race

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BWSC 17 Mock Race/ Testing in South Australia

Over the past week, the team has been performing a mock Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in preparation for the big event in October. We tested the car from Glendambo, South Australia - Coober Pedy - Marla - the Northern Territory border. We tested UNLIMITED 2.0 for 1600km on the Stuart Highway, as it is critical that each of our drivers learns the car inside out. Testing is also a period for the team to learn race procedures, how to conduct a control stop, safety procedures, and how to pass an outback road train.

The team woke up at 6am every morning and slept at 10pm every night, on a structured schedule to simulate what a race day would look like for the team. 

We test and train the team rigorously as we strongly believe this motto

'Cars don't win races, Teams win races!'

We also bumped into our solar car friend's from all the way across the pond, Stanford Solar Car Project and Bochum Solar Car Project. who were also testing and validating their solar powered vehicles in Coober Pedy. 

To see what else we got up to click the link below.




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